Sarah's Challenge prompt 5

This week we have to listen to music. That's no problem for me as the radio is on in the kitchen all the time and I have cds in the car at the moment as the radio is broken!!

The Sound Wave.

This week i want you to indulge your soul with some music. Take a trip to a music store and pick up a new CD or rummage thru your CD pile and find a good old faithful that you just love to go back to listen too time and time again.Get swept away in the music. Turn up that stereo: there are just some songs that deserve to be played at full volume.Once you get started, keep picking out some of your favourite songs and just sing your heart out or quietly remember what you where doing when you fell in love with that song.For your LO this week you can do a number of things. Make a list of some of your favourite songs. Or be more specific and tell a story about those songs that make you happy in 2008. Another option is too pick your favourite song and make your LO to tell the story of why its your favourite.