Todays News

Today I got paid for a mini book I made for a teacher at work. It's my first commission. The book cost £3.15 to make plus time and I thought if I got a fiver I'd be happy. As you can see from the picture a £10 note was inside the card.
I'm a Happy Bunny :)

Samuel on the other hand isn't so happy (well at least that's what he's telling me). He didn't get picked to sing a solo in the Christmas concert but will sing with the rest of the choir. He said it was a fix as two girls got the parts!! Never mind I don't think he's that bothered and secretly I think he's relieved he doesn't have to sing in front of all those people by himself :)


  1. Well done you.
    Sounds like my DN is having a lovvie darling moment!!

  2. I'm sure Samuel wont really mind not being centre stage!
    Well done on the commission ~ never undersell yourself or your product!!


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