Sarah's Challenge prompt 4

This week is a good week. It means I'll have to make time to read. I usually wait till I go to bed and then John moans about the light being on!!

Take it literarily. For this weeks challenge I would like you to indulge yourself in some reading. Go to your favourite book shop, the kind that has nice cosy couches and a coffee shop, your local dusty old unusual book shop or your local library.Spend a few hours in the craft section, wonder around the cooking section, and dream in the soppy romantic section.Review old favourites or discover some authors. Maybe pick a book that really wants you to read more and go ahead and buy it. If budget is an issue, take a note and look in your local charity shops or ask the library if they can get it in for you.Whilst you are whiling away your time at the book shop, think about all your favourite books/authors. Make a list.So for this week’s LO, either take some pictures whilst at the shop or a picture of you reading that favourite book. Try and include that list of favourite books/authors somewhere on the page.

Which books to choose. I might just have to pop into Waterstones tommrrow. Shame they don't have a coffee shop!!