A Wonderful weekend - 11 May 2024

Last week was wonderful.  We went to Beamish (near Durham), for the wedding of the son of one of my best friends.  We have known the groom since he was 6 years old and have watched him, and his brother, grow into lovely young men.  The bride is a lovely young lady and it was a joy to share their special day with them.

The wedding, although in the North East of England, had a Scottish feel to it, with all the groomsmen wearing kilts.  

Hubby, who does not like to have his photo taken, was under strict instructions, from the grooms mum, to smile on the photos.  He didn't do too badly.  

The photographer was great.  He was unobtrusive and gently ushered people into groups for photos before they really knew what was going on.  I'm looking forward to seeing the official pictures, as he took a lot of pictures throughout the day, that we maybe didn't realise he was taking.

Something like this one!!!

It was an absolutely amazing day with lots of tears and laughter, as well as pure joy.

And not to be left out is me and my two best friends.


  1. What a lovely, happy day!

  2. Looks like an amazing day. I SO like the men in kilts! We are off to a wedding weekend away on the 25th.


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