Normandy 80 years on

Lest We Forget.

80 years ago, on 6th June 1944, the Normandy landings took place and over 425,000 Allied and German troops were killed, wounded or went missing.

The menfolk and I had the privilege of visiting the beaches back in July 2011, just after the D-Day celebrations.

Utah Beach - American - US 4th Infantry Division

Pointe du Hoc - American - US 2nd Division Ranger Battalion 

If the Rangers hadn't overshot their landing zone, and landed on Omaha beach, the death toll would have been much greater.

Omaha Beach - American - US 1st & 29th Infantry Divisions

Gold Beach - British - British 50th Infantry Division 

Juno Beach - Canadian - Canadian 3rd Infantry Division 

Sword Beach - British - British 3rd Infantry Division


  1. Thank you for sharing! Those photos made the hair on my arms stand up and my eyes tear. We hope to go there someday.


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