Reindeer Place cards

My sister Ruth sent me a link to the Red magazine site where there were all sorts of Christmassy decorations waiting to be made.

I've gone with the Reindeer Place cards as they seem quite sweet.  In reality what they are is "Fiddly" and quite difficult to get to stand up.  Mine seem to have legs of their own!!
I've gone for the more traditional colours of Rudolph and used spotty embossed card.  I just need to add names to the tags.
The antlers were a "bugger" to cut out and too time consuming to bother making more than I had to.  I'm now thinking of ways to cut some out on my Cricut to see if that will work out for next year.


  1. I think they look better in a single colour ... and you're right about the antlers. x

  2. Just had a catchup...well done on the weight loss and the reindeer look great- even if they were fiddly to make
    Alison xx


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