Hello Monday

  • The first Hello this week is to my Mum on her Birthday.  I hope you had a lovely day.  Glad you liked all your pressies
  • I'm also saying Hello to - The first wintry day of the year.  We had snow this morning but luckily it didn't stick around.

  • Hello to - keeping up with my December Daily.  I can't print photos at home at the moment so will save them up and do a big print at Tesco or somewhere.
  • Hello to - the last 3 exams for Samuel.
  • Hello to - Another trip to Aberdeen to the Orthodontist.  Still it's handy to finish up the Christmas shopping.
  • Hello to - the village Christmas lights being switched on in the square.
  • Hello to - the village window competition.  I must get out this week and check out some of the windows.
  • Hello to - covering the grey at the hairdressers at the weekend.
  • Hello to getting a few cards and presents in the post this week.
  • Hello to- only having two more Monday's left at work before the holidays.
How's your week shaping up?


  1. That's a gorgeous shot of the pond. Weather forecast has you in for more of the white stuff :(

  2. That all sounds very festive!
    Alison xx


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