Lbs for £s

Yay me!!

Lost 12lbs............................................................gained £50.00

It was the last weigh in for "lbs for £s" at work today and I won!!  I'm so pleased with myself for sticking it out.  It hasn't always been easy but it has been worth it.  We all had a treat at work today and had scones at interval (followed in the afternoon by a slice of chocolate log!!).

I'm now £50.00 richer for my efforts.  Hopefully I can maintain the weight over Christmas otherwise they may ask for their money back!!

ETA:  Chocolate and wine tonight as a wee treat!!  Yum, yum.


  1. Well done :) Were you following a diet or just watching what you eat? Nearly down a stone is fantastic!

  2. That's amazing! Well done - and don't feel guilty falling off the wagon over Christmas, you've proved you can do it!

  3. Well done Liz, that is brilliant!

  4. Very well done....hope you are suitably stuffing your face tonight!! :-P
    I've posted your pic on facebook as I can' remember your email address :)

  5. Well done you. Spend that £50 on a (calorie-free) treat.

  6. Woo-hoo!!! Congratulations, Liz!!!!
    Enjoy your prize! :)

  7. Crikey that's some going, well done you.


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