19 May 2009

Thought you'd seen it all?

Well have a look at the Welly of the season by no other than Jimmy Choo!!!!

What ever next?

The Jimmy Choo Wellies

If you have been of the mind that wellies simply aren’t fashionable, think again. Jimmy Choo will probably be the name on most lips this Glastonbury festival now that the chic show brand has joined forces with Hunter to create the most desirable wellies on the market.

With the shape of Hunter wellies combined with all the Choo trimmings – luxurious crocodile print, a gold buckle and a leopard lining – this is no ordinary Wellington boot.

The boots will be available at www.jimmychoo.com from June, for £250. Get on the waiting list on May 1 to avoid being embarrassed with your old wellies this festival season.


  1. Would not pay that kind of money for a pair of wellies but they are nice :)

  2. Wouldn't know they were Jimmy Choo when covered with mud or other 'country stuff'!!!!!!!!!!

  3. £250 - supposed some "celebrity" will buy them!! My comment verification word is huntr - how strange is that??

  4. Crazy...It must be nice to have that ammount of money to spend on wellies to get covered in mud and other not so pleasant things when out walking the dog!