It's amazing what you find..........................

I wasn't feeling too chipper this weekend so while the boys went on a bike ride to Spey Bay I tidied up my craft stuff and made a start on my cushion. While looking for my fabric scissors I found a couple of projects I had completed but forgotten all about. First I found this piece of Blackwork I did a few years ago.
I love blackwork as it 'grows' a lot quicker than cross stitch.

It now clean, pressed and hanging on the wall in my craft room.

The other thing I found (Mum will recognise!!) was a piece of tapestry I made before I left home in 1983. Yikes where has that been for so long? The answer to that is, in my Nana's old sewing box. It is now pressed and ready to be made into a cushion once I have got some material to make the back. Not will have only taken me 26 years to make it!!!!


  1. That blackwork is really lovely.

  2. I have a half finished blackwork piece somewhere - oh and a tapestry cushion cover!!

  3. LOL Liz but at least they are being used now and they look fab

  4. Good things are worth waiting for!

  5. Sorry you felt crook - hope you are feeling better now? X. Blackwork looks great and reminds me that I should finish the piece that I started whilst waiting for Harry to be born!! I don't have any photographic proof of my other pieces of work - if I did, I might have got around to scrapping the evidence!!


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