Sarah's Challenge prompt 13

This week was a relaxing challenge.......and I did..... for an hour till I was even more wrinkly than usual!!!

This week as the temperature has taken a dip towards the very cold I would like you to surrender to the healing power of froth and bubbles in a very hot bath. Baths are an essential part of the true pamper routine, as a fancy start to the day or a relaxing end to the day. So give yourself the gourmet bath of all baths, a bath that would put Cleopatra to shame. Try something different, a bit of aromatherapy oil or bath salts, scented bubble bath, bath bombs, or flower petals. If you can (safely) play a little soothing music, add some candles and unplug the phone. For this week’s challenge, I want you to take a picture of your special bath and journal all about your routine. Happy bath time