Stay at Home

The Government has told us that during the COVID-19 crisis we should all stay at home.  I totally agree. Why would you want to go out and possibly come into contact with someone who has the virus?

The problem with staying in all day, every day for weeks on end is ........ What to Do?  Here's what I've learned over the last week.

1.  Get up at your usual time and get ready as you normally would.

2.  Don't put the TV on.  Listen to the radio or an Audiobook.

3.  Do some on-line courses.  Whilst you're not at work you should still be doing something work related.

4.  Make a list of all those jobs you keep putting off  i.e cleaning the windows or emptying the ironing basket.

5.  Do one of those jobs everyday to keep yourself active.

6.  If the weather is nice enough get out in your garden.  Fresh air is essential and will make you feel less sluggish.

We could be "At Home" for a long time and having a routine will definitely help.