First Pint

The drinking laws in Texas state that you can't legally drink alcohol
until you're 21.
and this is where it gets complicated.
Some restaurants will let an 18 year old drink alcohol if their parents
buy it for them and sit with them whilst they drink it.
Not all restaurants allow this, some do then change their minds 
the next time you visit.

We went to out first "British pub" on Sunday
where they happily served Samuel with his first pint of lager.

The Richmond Arms, Houston
It looked like an British pub (apart from the American football on the TV)

It smelt like a British pub but thankfully didn't have a sticky carpet!

and the Teenager was able to enjoy a pint in the beer garden.

All is good.


  1. Good stuff! Did it have a Union flag to match the Stars & Stripes on the ceiling?

  2. All was good and definitely worth the photo!

  3. Hope he enjoyed his beer! :)


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