Daylight Robbery

One of the local grocery store here has a really 
good range of "International" foods.

I dropped in yesterday to buy British sweets to make up a
Selection box for the Teenager (yes I know he's nearly 19)
and I saw tins of Quality Street.

Imagine my excitement J
Then imagine my disappointment when I saw the price L

In proper money that roughly 17.00 Great British pounds.

I will never complain about paying a fiver for a tin in Tesco.

Needless to say I didn't buy one.


  1. Jeezy peeps!!!! What a price! :O

  2. Oh my goodness! That's a LOT of money - they must have included the cost of the airfare to ship it over there - they're only £3.80 in Waitrose at the moment!

  3. Think of your waistline ....

  4. Oh my word - that is one pricey tin of quality street. You'll have to get someone to post some over (and just hope they don't get squashed!)


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