Help Needed

Deb over at Paper Turtle has a niece who is in 5th grade
and is doing a Travel Journal.
It has found it's way to me via Belfast and London 
and now I want to send it on.
rather than send it back to the UK  
I was hoping that there was someone out there in the good old USofA or Canada
that I could send it on to.
If you would like to be the next recipient of this journal please let me know.
All you have to do is answer some questions about where you live, 
send Presley a postcard and post it on.
Easy Peasy!!
Any takers?


  1. Absolutely - I would be delighted to participate. I'm in Ontario, Canada.

    1. Thanks Mary-Lou. Can you let me have you address? Thanks :)

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  3. What a lovely idea. It's an updated idea from about the 70s when we circulated letters to ladies around the country. No posh paper then - just the handwritten letter. Happy days!

  4. It's a lovely project idea, isn't it?


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