Bike Rides

With the weather cooling down a bit it is much
 nicer to be out and about on our bikes.
On Sunday we took an 8 mile trip around the local lakes.

 Sorry about the finger in this photo!!

Even the Teenage one decided to join us.

The boys decided to race off and hatched a plan to wait until
I turned up, puffing and panting and then they'd ride off.

But I cottoned on to that plan and went riding past!!

It was a bit chilly to begin with but soon warmed up.
I only lost the chain once but it was soon fixed by John and
I must work out how to use the gears as we found the only hills in Katy!!

Another good day :0)


  1. I feel your pain! I struggle with the gears going up Thornhill Road - Yes there is an actual hill on Thornhill Road! lol :)


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