Just a little homesick :(

I admit to feeling a little homesick just now.

My friend Rehana and her husband own the Al Bahar Indian restaurant in Elgin, Moray 
and I shared her Facebook post for anyone who might want to hold
their Christmas party there.

This is what she replied.

Rehana Ahmed likes this.
Rehana Ahmed
Rehana Ahmed Thank you  was just remembering you yesterday as I was gazing at your pic in office Xx
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Liz Lee
Liz Lee Anything I can do to help a friend J Can't believe I'm still on the cupboard door. You must all need a night out to get some new photos J
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Rehana Ahmed
Rehana Ahmed Aww Liz ... I always miss you at this time , new and old all treasured 😀
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Liz Lee
Liz Lee You're such a sweetie J
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She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. 
She is kind and generous and always willing to help in any way.

It’s at times like this that I really miss my friends back in Scotland.


  1. awww you'll always be on our 'wardrobe' of fame :)

  2. You obviously made a good impression on people if you photo is still there - which is a nice thought.

  3. Maybe they use your photo to keep the kids out of the kitchen (f'nar, f'nar!) ... remember that hideous one of me with S that you kept on the fireplace???


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