Christmas Markets

I love a good Christmas Market I do.
So aren't I lucky that there are several to choose from in Katy?

John and I went along to the Home for the Holidays 
market in old Katy yesterday.

There was a lot of "Tatt" but also some good ideas for "make your own".

I liked the idea of making wine bottles into lamps
(although if I kept all our bottles, I'd have to start my own business!!)

I liked looking at the trees and wondering if I could add something to ours this year.

I liked the metal garden ornaments.  I really liked the peacock but would be worried
that someone would nick it from the front garden!!

and I liked the gorgeous small of the Christmas potpourri.
Orange Spice.
I ended up buying a huge bag of it, plus the bowl to put it in and the oil to refresh it.

It looks great on my coffee table.

The next market is in the local town next Saturday.
I hope John has some pennies left!!!


  1. You've got to love a Christmas market :)

  2. Orange spice would be lovely & it does look nice on your table. Pennies, ah how I miss them.


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