21 February 2009

Birthday Boy

The Birthday Boy. 4? today and the nearest I was going to get to see him smile. There's one in there somewhere but it seems to be camera shy!!!!!

Home made chocolate cake with cream and fresh strawberries. Samuel got a baking book from the library but then left me to make the cake!! He did do the chocolate decorations on the top so I can't take credit for making the whole thing.
Spike Milligan........Dad's favourite. When I saw a range of Spike cards in Smiths I had to have a closer look. This one made me laugh and even Samuel thought it was funny. Must be in the genes!!!


  1. The boy is wearing well! xx

  2. Go on, birthday boy, there's a smile in there somewhere!! Cake looks amazing and those decorations are a whizz! Well done everyone. Save me a piece?