Trees and cakes

Today has been an odd sort of day where I don't seem to have done much but have a lot to show for it!!
I was up early at 7.30 to put the re-cycling out and then did the ironing. Then I: made breakfast for everyone, did some shopping, took Mossy and the in-laws out for a walk, walked up to Christies for some bird seed, made a cake and then started the dinner. I'm now sitting down and I'm shattered!! I wonder why?

While out for a walk Samuel decided he wanted to climb 'his' tree!! I wondered just how many other kids have climbed the same tree in the last hundred years!!

When we got back from Christies Sheila and I made a Pineapple Upside down Cake. It's 30 years since I made my last one, in cookery class at Somerville Middle School and it was a first for Sheila who at the young age of 67 was making her first one ever. It turned out really well and was delicious with custard :)


  1. You'll be going back to school for a rest!

  2. Cake looks good, wish there was some for me!
    Noticed the gloves ..... is it that cold already?


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