It's Sunday....It must be time for a walk!!

Over the last few weeks I've been making John and Samuel come out on a walk with me. We might not go very far or like today we might go further afield. Today was the turn of Wark Woods up at Duff House. It rained on the way there but as we got nearer it stopped and the sun came out. It was lovely and had I not had dodgy batteries in the camera, would have been perfect for snapping some Autumn pictures. (I'm not sure if it's the batteries or the camera that's dodgy). There is a nice woodland walk there that takes you past the old Ice House and the Mausoleum. It took us about an hour to walk round it as John and Samuel had to keep stopping to look for conkers.

The play area also has a new swing which Samuel had to test drive. Unfortunately his Dad thought it was great to push him as hard as possible trying to make him fall out!

(PS. I think Santa might bring me a new camera if this one doesn't buck it's ideas up) :)


  1. Lucky you having nice weather; its rained here all day!

  2. Did you see the doggie gravestones??

    Try a new set of rechargable batteries before chucking the camera in the bin - you can only charge them so many times before they won't hold a charge for very long.


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