Me on a Monday - 25 January 2021

This week seems have been about all things medical.  First off there was the collecting and wearing of a 24hr heart monitor.  Thankfully the hospital is only 10 minutes away and I had collected it, fitted it and returned to work by 9.45am.  The monitor was a small contraption consisting of three wires, 3 pads and one little monitor.  It was so small you couldn't even tell I was wearing one as it wasn't visible under my clothes.  

The pads, I have to say, were very uncomfortable and irritated me all day.  Thankfully I didn't feel a thing whilst I was asleep but next day I couldn't wait to get them off.  They seemed to be extra sticky and left huge red patches on my skin which were sore and itchy.  Note to self, ask if they do hypoallergenic patches if I ever need another one!!

I now have to wait two weeks to get the results.

Wednesday's medical excitement was an email from the Local Authority telling us that as we work in a Special Needs School we qualified for the COVID-19 vaccine.  The staff were so excited I think we actually broke the internet in our rush to get an appointment.  I managed to get mine booked for Saturday 23rd at 10am.

Friday was another momentous occasion as all the school staff were issued with COVID-19 Home Testing Kits.  We have to do a lateral flow test every Sunday and Thursday.  It's not nice having to stick a long cotton bud down the back of your throat and up your nose but if it helps then I'll do it.

Saturday morning saw me taking the 20 minutes trip to the vaccine centre.  Typically we'd had sleet  overnight and whilst we only had a mere smattering of the white stuff it made the motorway trip a little bit scary at times.  Especially when Mercedes drivers zoom up the outside lane and throw all the slush and ice over the front of everyone else's windscreen.  It seems that if you drive  Mercedes, Audi or BMW you get super powers and are able to drive at ridiculous speeds in appalling weather.  Sadly we saw the fire brigade heading down the other side of the motorway with their lights flashing heading towards an accident.  I only hope no one was injured.

Anyway, I got to the centre, had to wait 15 minutes for the lady in the car park, who gave out the leaflets, to get her coffee and come out of the building!.  Once inside the actual vaccine centre the staff were amazing.  I couldn't fault them.  They had the whole process down to a fine art.  Register, fill in forms, wait your turn, have your jab and then wait 15 minutes before going home.  I was in and out within half an hour.  I'm now booked in for my second dose on 10 April.

Sunday was a brilliant day.  It snowed!!  Yes! it actually snowed big, fat, flakes.  We dropped everything and headed out for a walk up to the windmill.  It's the first time we've had 'proper' snow since we left Scotland.  Quite a few people had the same idea but it wasn't too busy and we managed to slip and slide our way up to the windmill and back in about an hour.  It was a good job we went when we did as the snow had gone by mid afternoon :0(

Sunday afternoon, hubby made a lovely roast beef dinner and then in the evening I did some more of my Virus Blanket.  It's nearly finished so I'll need to get my thinking cap on and pick my next project.  We also organised a quiz with friends for next weekend.  This week's quiz was postponed due to football!!  

I hope you all had a good week and that you are all staying safe and well.



  1. Oh I'm so pleased that you got your vaccination. I honestly think that all teachers and support staff of all schools should be next on the list for priority as surely that is the way to reopen schools as soon as possible.
    The snow was lovely, we got ours yesterday and it's only now a light covering on grassed areas but the kids definitely enjoyed it while they could!

    1. Schools should definitely be on the priority list for vaccines as it really affects the children when they can't come to school. One young girl cried last week as she would miss her teacher whilst having to self isolate as her class bubble had to close :0(

  2. WOW that is fantastic you were able to get your first dose of the vaccine. Do you know which brand; Pfizer, Oxford A. ?? This side of the pond & I hear also in the EU, vaccine roll out is a mess. I'll say no more for now. I have some issues with many Audi drivers - did you know their cars are not equipped with turn indicators (they are really but it seems the drivers of said car don't know how to use).

  3. I had the Pfizer one but to be honest I wasn't really bothered. You can basically stick me with anything so long as it works. I hope Canada gets itself sorted out with the roll out of the vaccine and everyone can be vaccinated sooner rather than later.
    Audi drivers, it seems, are the same the world over!!


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