Me on a Monday- 11 January 2021

Another busy week done and dusted.  And an eventful one too.

Monday -  It was back to work after the Christmas break.  No children though as it was an INSET day.  Just as well really as the senior staff and teachers spent all day figuring how to get the children into school for the next two weeks on a staggered return.  Lots of hours spent asking parents if they needed a place or if they were keeping their children at home.  With the lists finally in place, parents were informed only for it all to go out of the window at 8pm when The Prime Minister did a u-turn and put us all in lock own for another 6 weeks.
On a positive note we had a glorious start to the day and one of our lovely teaching assistants managed to take a photo from the playing fields.

Tuesday - We all knew it was coming, so it was no surprise when we went into lockdown 3.0.  We only had four children in school as their parents were both key workers.  All the staff are in this time around as the head teacher wasn't happy last time as a some staff were happy to sit at home for the duration and not help out.  
It was another day of meetings and sorting transport for the children so they could come back on Wednesday.  This time when we informed parents, it didn't change!!
There was also a text from my hairdresser to say that my long awaited appointment on Saturday was cancelled.  Luckily I still have a box of hair colour from the first lock down so the grey can be disguised.

Wednesday - Not a good day in the USA as the 45th President seemed to incite protestors to storm the Capitol.  The scenes on the news were disgusting. Roll on the 20 January when hopefully they get someone with some sense of right and wrong.
I managed to parcel up, and send off some birthday cards and presents so that they all arrived before or on the day.  
Caught up with the first episode of The Serpent on BBC1.  A very good drama to start the year even if the subject matter is a little gruesome and disturbing.

Thursday - Another busy day at work.  The first week back is always busy but hopefully we will start to slow down a bit now we have everything in place for the children.  We had 36 in today and I only saw about 4 of them as they have to stay in their bubbles and aren't allowed in the office corridor anymore.  I miss seeing them.
Popped out the the health centre for a blood test.  There and back in 20 minutes!!

Friday - I thought we were going to get snow but it turned into sleet and only lasted 5 minutes.  It even warmed up to 3C.
Hubby made slimming world kebabs for tea which were delicious.  Unfortunately I followed that by eating mini cream eggs.  Only two mind but that's not the idea :0)

Saturday - Happy Birthday to my nephew who was 14 today.  Where has the time gone?
It was a day of housework and crochet and then in the evening we face timed our friends in Scotland and had a great laugh with them.  We decided to arrange a quiz for next weekend and are hoping some other friends will join in too.  It should be a good laugh.  It's been 18 months since we all got together.  Hopefully it won't be too long till we can get together again.
A letter arrived with a date for me to pick up a 24hr heart monitor.  They don't fit it for you at the moment so I hope I put it on properly.

Sunday - More housework and then an afternoon to myself.  The weather was dreich and I wasn't  feeling the urge to go for a walk so an hour or two with my crochet did just fine.
Hubby made pork fillet for dinner which was lovely comfort food for a day like today.  Another episode of The Serpent and an early night ready to start again tomorrow.

And just like that another week is over.



  1. Having worked in a school office, I can well imagine the work that was going on behind the scenes to get the school safely opened so you well and truly earned those creme eggs!

    1. Unfortunate the cream eggs ended up as Thorntons chocolates and biscuits during the week. Still Monday is the start of another week. I just have to tell myself I can do it!! :0)

  2. I like your head teacher's idea - everyone present & accounted for. Our schools were locked down for additional 2 weeks, no wait, 3 weeks, no wait ... I just wish they'd stick to a date. Your colleague from school caught the morning light perfectly in that photo of the playing field. I do not think the domestic terrorists in the uSofA are finished yet. I just hope that the entire party he represents realize they also have blood on their hands & do something about it.

    1. The head teacher had to change everything by Tuesday and the class staff are now back on a two week rota. It will probably have changed again by next week. I am trying to keep up, honest!! :0)


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