Me on A Monday - 4 January 2021

And just like that it is over.  Christmas went by in the blink of an eye and New Year is done and dusted.  I don’t know anyone who wasn’t glad to see the back of 2020.  

I’m thinking positive this year and am looking forward to the time we can all meet up safely again.  I have so missed seeing family and friends.

So, what have I been doing since Christmas?

I managed to get an appointment to see the doctor and have been in and had an ECG (which was all fine).  I’ve had a few worries I wanted him to try and sort out so I’m now waiting on a blood test and a 24hr heart monitor.  All will be well and if not, we’ll worry about that if it happens.

I have been slowly sneaking the Christmas decorations away bit by bit since the 27 December.  I love my tree being up and the twinkly lights but after a few weeks I just wanted to get them out of the way.  It starts to feel a bit cluttered when they’ve been up since the first Sunday of Advent.  Hubby never noticed!!  They are all now boxed up and back in the loft and my living room looks light and spacious again.

My poor dining room mid move.

Whilst I was taking the decorations down hubby decided that he wanted to move his office upstairs to the spare room.  He’s been in what was the garage for the last few years, but our lovely neighbour, Mr A uses his garage as a workshop and is building something for his grandson which involves a lot of sawing and hammering.  Normally it wouldn’t be a problem but when you’re working from home and trying to hold a meeting via Zoom or are on a phone call it gets a bit noisy.  Hopefully, it will be a bit quieter now he’s at the back of the house.  The move also gave me time to tidy the other rooms and I now feel that we are all clean and tidy for the new year.

I have been hooked on Bridgerton (on Netflix) and must admit to sitting and binge watching a few episodes each afternoon.  Well, I did have to finish the series before I headed back to work.  I love a good period drama and was pleased to find that I knew who Lady Whistledown was long before the big reveal.  I’m normally rubbish at guessing “who dunnit”.

Crochet is a big part of my stress relief routine and I have been busy planning what to make next year.  I made scarves and blankets this year but there are only so many blankets you need before they start taking over!!  I thought I might make baby/child blankets for the local Children’s Hospital or even make hats and scarves for an Etsy shop I have yet to set up.  The list is long and endless, but a very generous wool voucher from Santa will make it easier.

Surely one cancels out the other

I am back to planning what we eat.  We may have overindulged slightly over the last few weeks, but the mince pies have now gone, and the leftover packets of biscuits are heading to work.  There are still a few chocolates left but it would be rude not to finish them off.  After all, everything in moderation.  I have stocked up on loads of fruit and veg and the cookbooks are out.  Meals are planned for the next week as are lunches as it’s back to work.  Hopefully, those few extra pounds will be away in a week or two.

And that’s it.  What a busy week.  Next week will probably be just as busy if the school is open.  We will have to wait and see what Boris says about it all.






  1. Sounds like you had a marvelous Christmas. I slowly put Christmas away so Mr Man is spared the shock, but the trees I cannot manage on my own so our negotiations are they stay, lights & all, until the 6th. I live under the belief that seasonal treats eaten in their season, have no calories, so I think those Christmas chocolates will be find until January 6th! I've heard good things about Bridgerton, but I'll have to wait until in comes to main stream TV, we don't have Netflix. Good that you are getting yourself checked out & I am glad to hear the ECG was normal. Because of COVID many are postponing regular doctor's appts. & such.

    1. Good tip about the calories :0). Unfortunately I still have two unopened boxes so I'm hoping that when they are opened I can ration them to one at a time!!

  2. Pleased that you have been able to get to the doctors for tests and fingers crossed that all the results will be fine.
    We have had 'the' conversation about our eating habits and how we need to improve them, just this morning! A meal plan has been written down, and a detailed food delivery will be arriving tomorrow with lots of healthy foods.

    1. I hope your new eating plan is going well. Ours got off to a wobbly start (finishing leftovers) but is back on track now :0)


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