Christmas Already??

On Sunday at the Aberdeen crop I started making a few mini books as I've been asked to do one for a teacher at work. Once Jo had shown me how to fold them they were surprisingly easy to put together.
I always make a mini book for my Mother-in-Law at Christmas and fill it with photos of the 3 of us taken during the year so I thought I'd crack on and cover them in Christmas paper!! They look OK once they're covered. I managed to make 2 at the crop and another 2 when I got home. Guess what the girls at work will be getting this year?

I'm just waiting for some details of the card I need to make and then I can crack on with that one. Thought I might use Rusty Pickle papers as it's for a 21 year lad/man!!!


  1. Primark has Christmas ornaments (wicker figures, quite large) on sale today so it must be Christmas! I'd like to know how to make those books, please. x

  2. Have a look on Voodo Vixens blog there's a link on there.

  3. great books Liz cool idea for christmas might just have to have a go

  4. If they are simple, I might try them but already have an idea, using a receipt folder from Johnson's woollen mill as a template. Never throw anything away!


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