Garden in Bloom

After a very miserable and wet start to the day it turned out nice. In fact the sun is still out now (along with the washing!!)

As I can't use the car at the minute (as it has no wipers) and as John was out in Zog, Samuel and I were limited as to where to go today. There are only so many times you can take photos of the Spey or the swans! In the end I thought I would take the opportunity to take some piccies of the flowers in the garden. We don't have that many but we're getting there.

We're off out tomorrow so maybe I'll have some different piccies to share tomorrow night.


  1. They're lovely & I'd like some of those Sammy Alans, please.

  2. Thats more flowers than I have got - one sunflower and some laverteria from next doors garden!!


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