Today was a first for Samuel. Kayaking with the kids from the swimming club. He thought it was going to be like the Olympics. Everyone in a lane, paddling up and down. How wrong he was!

We went out to Loch Park just outside Keith and it is just beautiful.

They were out on the Loch for 2 hours!! Going forwards and backwards, standing up, getting out, climbing over a tree and getting back in again. Racing each other back to the jetty and then having to stand up in the boat and do heads, shoulders, knees and toes!! He had an absoulte blast but was shattered by the end. He can't wait to go back next month.


  1. Brlliant! He's turning into something of an all-round action man!

  2. If you will forgive the mixed metaphors ~ is this another string to his bow?!

  3. oh I used to love kayaking when I was in high school and my then dainty frame allowed it.....now I'm sure I'd get stuck in the kayak...LOL.....a tiring but much fun pastime.....


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