Red Hurrel Squinting!!!!

How's that for a spoonerism? I meant to tell Mum we were going Red Squirrel Hunting but it came out the wrong way round!!!

We went with the Moray Rangers again this afternoon to Roseisle to hunt for red squirrels. Unfortunately the squirrels decided to take the day off and we didn't see a single one. Still it was a great afternoon and Samuel now knows what to look for next time we go. There were loads of Scotch Argus butterflies around and I even managed a half decent picture of one.

The beach was really busy and some hardy souls even went for a dip!! They must be mad. I'm really pleased with my photo though as it looks like the place is deserted.


  1. We were just along the coast from you this afternoon!! Loads of butterflies in Culbin too - the beach was deserted except for seals. Great pictures.

  2. They're great photos, especially the butterfly one. Shame you didn't get to see any red squirrels, though.

  3. We have a red squirrel reserve close by at Formby Beach but it'd be a long way to travel for a peek......If I see one next time I'll send you a pic.....
    I need to see Lanzarote pictures.......


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