Star Destructions!!

OK here they are. One set of destructions for making a star.

Cut the square to the size you want. I made 6 pieces of 4" x 4" squares but I'm not sure if it could do with seven. It's all a bit of guess work. Fold the square as per pitcure one (2 in half and 1 diagonal). Fold in the diagonal corners so the whole sheet makes a smaller square (pictures 2&3). The pieces stick together on the square side (pictures 3&4) and eventually join back to the first piece. Decorate the outside with smaller bits of patterened paper.

Hope this all makes sense :) It's not easy writing out instructions. It's a lot easier to just do it.


  1. Thanks for that - thats exactly the way I made some cards the other night - but can't show them until they have been received - as walls have eyes!!

  2. Will try to follow ~ thanks. Not making any promises though!


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