Sarah's Challenge prompt 2

This week was a yummy prompt (literally :) ) Here's what Sarah had to say:

Why not take a trip to your favourite bakers or walk to the cake section in the local supermarket instead of taking the alternative route past it like I do!. Splurge on a fancy fruit tart, go for a full fat triple whipped cream sticky bun or a very fattening double chocolate fudge cake. Its up to you what you buy as your treat but take a picture of it before you take time to indulge. Create a LO of your chosen cake and describe why its your favourite, and how it feels to take time to eat your treat. Be as bold as you want.

I had to take a Tesco detour, on Monday, in my lunch break, to get two Pecan Plaits. One for me and one for me if Johh didn't want one!! They may not be the stodgiest or the most chocolatey, but they are my favourite. Here is my LO for this week.


  1. I like the stitching & the doodling around the edges. Not sure I've ever eaten a Pecan Plait.

  2. Gorgeous liz, well done. Thanks for joining in The BOM challenge.


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