Sarah's Challenge prompt 10

This week I would like you to pick a day, probably the weekend is best. Start that day on the right side of the bed- from the inside of course, with a slap up gourmet breakfast in bed.Make lots of hints to somebody, even go that extra mile whilst out shopping and let a few of your favourite things slip into the trolley, your favourite Colombian coffee, a fancy English tea or some tropical fruit juice. How about something really indulgent such as toasted teacakes lashed with butter to start off with.Don't let whoever is pampering you get off lightly, hint at the fancy red rose and softly serenading background music, you can but try. And try and squeeze in a lingering hug to start the day of!So this week’s LO has to represent your favourite indulgent breakfast or if you don't go with the full works every now and ago, describe what you do go for.


  1. I might pop round next Sunday for the 'working egg' :)


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