Sarah's Challenge prompt 12

This week I would like you to indulge your soul with some pampering. Take a walk through your most delicious memories. Look through photos of maybe your first family holiday as a child, or your first holiday with your own family. Capture some of the beautiful places you have visited, your wedding day, the birth of a loved one. Capture a special warm moment celebrated with family and friends.How about including a special letter, a marriage certificate, birth certificate, first love letter. Dust it off and bask in the tenderness it may evoke in you. Relish in the sweetness of life you have experienced so far.This week I would like you to create a LO that embraces those delicious Memories.

This is a LO of Dad on Lossie beach in the early 90s. I printed the picture straight onto the cardstock to make it look textured. Not sure if it worked or not.


  1. My favourite photo of Dad, you've done it justice. xx

  2. He was easily pleased!! A couple of aeroplanes and a wide open space .........


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