SLYMI wk 3

Here it is...... back another day with a LO.....hopefully :)

Week Three...Scrap with chipboard!Your page can be about anything you fancy, just dig into your chipboard stash and put something to work! If you're scrapping digitally, use the equivalent in pixels -- those pieces that look like they are popped up off the page. Your chipboard can be letters, accents, or handcut to be whatever you like! Leave it plain, paint it, sand it, emboss it, layer it...just put your chipboard to work!My page is in the gallery here. I mixed some pieces I still had from my very first chipboard purchase (clearly I was saving it because I thought they wouldn't make any more?! Don't worry...they are still making plenty. Let's use it!) along with a brand new set of chipboard letters I just bought the other day! I always find if I mix a bit of the new with a bit of the old, the old stuff isn't noticed...of course now I've gone and told you so you'll probably all be laughing at all my old stash now!


  1. thought i would use come chipboard letters for this one


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