A better day

Today at work has been a much better day than yesterday when everyone just seemed to moan about everything from the phone ringing to staff not telling the office vital information to the photocopier packing in and the printer jamming!! Not even the chocolate chip shortbread helped.
Today, to make up for it I treated myself to this little Hyacinth which was looking sad and lonely in the Co-op. It is now looking very much at home on my kitchen window sill. It should be pink when it opens but we'll have to wait and see.

I also took a "Time-Out" at lunch time and sat for an hour making my Granny Squares. It was great. No kids, no staff and no phones for a whole hour. Peace and quiet at last.

Hopefully the rest of the week won't be so manic, although Samuel has a busy Friday to look forward to with RND. He's off to school in his PJs and has a disco at night. The joy of being 12 :)


  1. thats a huge lot of granny squares Liz have almost done enough to make a cushion and have started a ripple blanket. have you heard of ravelry an online forum for knitters and scappers it's huge with loads of inspiration. You have to request an invitation and they take five days to porcess think they are processing 1500 a day but it's worth the weight some fab ideas. f you decide to give it a go I'm dottydotty on there

  2. A pj disco ~ the mind boggles!
    Hyacinth looks better in your kitchen than in the Co-op. Have a good weekend.


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