27 March 2009

Chicken in a basket!

Hooray it was the last day of term today and I'm now off work for 2 weeks. I can't wait. Just as we were packing up this afternoon a pupil came to the office with this little fellow. She wished us Happy Easter but said she couldn't tell us who had sent the basket full of creme eggs.

Detective work needed..........Narrow down the teachers that give the office chocolate when we really need it(not too many of them).........find out which class they are teaching........check photos of all young ladies in that class till you find a match and hey presto you have your mystery benefactor. We all got 3 eggs each which made our afternoon. That and the slice of chocolate cake we had a tea time :)

A good start to the holidays.

Not a very good photo but I had to use my phone as my camera was at home!! Spy my boys in the background :)


  1. How kind. No chocolate in this house of late!

  2. hi Liz
    thats so sweet!

    I love your crochet too, I thought about making one of those am trying to carry on with the ripple get as much done before summer!!