7 March 2009

Colourful Saturday

Colourful does not describe the weather today which is dull and wet but it does describe a few things in my house.

These lovely flowers that John and Samuel bought me while they were in Tesco. I love the colours together but the limes ones are my favourite. They certanily brighten up the living room. Hopefully they will last the 7 days they are supposed too!!

These are my first "Summer Granny Squares". The lovely Lucy over on Attic24 has a fantastic tutorial on her blog that makes making them so easy. I recently decided that even though I love my little house some rooms seemed to be lacking in colour. I have a cunning plan to change that and have started a crocheted cushion for our bedroom. It once had lime green accessories but now it's terracotta and yellow hence the choice of wool for my squares. If all goes to plan I will have a blanket too (not saying when that will be finished though!!)

And finally there are Samuel's cakes. I have to admit to being a bit heavy handed with the food colouring. It was supposed to be pale pink icing but as you can see.....it's not!! Still they are edible and probably won't last very long.


  1. Love the granny squares - my mum taught me how to make them when I was a kid - we all have crocheted blankets for our beds!!

  2. Good photos - reading the manual pays off! But I have to ask ... more cushions in your boudoir??

  3. Love the squares! I have recently bought a hook to see if I could remember how to crochet. Great minds think alike!

  4. I love all the colours too. I'm ordering my cakes now!

  5. love the squres Liz who'd have thought you only taght yourself to crochet a few weeks ago.