Mother's Day

I got a treat today and got to have a day of 'Me Time'. It doesn't happen very often, in fact never, so I made the most of it. Samuel brought me a cup of tea in bed and then called me when breakfast was ready. He and John had made a 'Mother's Day Breakfast' from an Aldi leaflet that came through the door last week. Poached eggs, Salmon and yogurt on rye bread. It was delicious. I then got to go back to bed and read my book. I have to admit to doing the ironing later while the boys went for another driving lesson and took the dog out!! Then this afternoon I've snuggled up and finished my book (which by the way is a fantastic read) and now I'm all set to do some more of my crocheting while John makes tea. I'm making the most of every minute as tomorrow it's back to the norm!!

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day :)


  1. the crocheting looks interesting Liz can't wait too see what you are making.

  2. Pleased to hear that news.

  3. Hi Liz

    Thank you for your comment and crochet help on my blog, I think I'm back on track now!! We'll see!!

    You didn't but in at all, the more the merrier, and Im glad you left a comment as now I've found your blog, its lovely, I'm going to grab a cup of tea and have a read!!

    Felicity xx (

  4. What are you crocheting? Looking good anyway - I would never have picked brown and yellow to look great together :)

    Your mothers day sounds like a lovely relzxing day... Here in Australia mothers day is in May - the countdown is on - haha :)

    Last year we were mid-removal and travelling and had to be up at 4am to catch a plane so I am looking forward to a relaxing day this year.


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