My day so far

It has been a gorgeous 15 degrees here today and the sun is out. Lets hope it stays like this for the rest of the Easter hols.
I seem to have picked up the sore throat lurgy that was going around work last week and have been up since 5.45am. I must have been mad not to go back to bed but by the time John had gone to work I was wide awake. Still I've been very good and ironed all John's shirts (for him to take away next week) before I go away tomorrow.

I've also have had time to sit in the sun and finish my cushion, start a new project and finish the one I'm giving to my Mum. So maybe it was worth getting up so early!!

I love these funky colours. The lovely lady in the wool shop in Elgin is to thank for those as she opened new packets just for me. I'll have to go back now and buy some more. That's a shame!!
A little sneak peek at the project I'm giving to Mum tomorrow.
and the finished cushion. It's actually lime green, cream and brown but the green doesn't show up very well. Stripes on one side, granny squares on the other.
It's now time to finish packing the cases and making sure I have the tickets etc. as we're off early in the morning.


  1. Busy, busy bee! Safe trip tomorrow. x

  2. they are just so fab Liz can't believe how quick you made your mums pressie and to think you only taught yourself to crochet the other week. have a fab time at your mums

  3. How many shirts does he need???

    Love the crochet.

  4. Hi Liz
    I love the crochet,hope your mum likes it too!

    check out the cath kidston website,it's full of yummy things! Hope you have a nice trip away,

    Felicity x x


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