15 March 2009


We didn't venture too far today when we took Mossy out as we had Samuel's friend with us while his Mum was at the hospital. He came over last night for a sleep over and has stayed all day. He's no trouble and apart from a yell when the X-box isn't doing what it should you wouldn't know he was here. We decided to take a trip back up to Quarrelwood as it's ages since we've been there too!! Here are few piccies of our walk.................

:: We found these prints on a stone slab that showed the way to the car park. I wonder who they belong too?
:: The "Arty Farty" shot of the day!!

:: I thought I'd get a picture of this path as it it now and then compare it again in a few months time once the trees are green.
:: By the look on Samuel's face, there's menace in there somewhere. He looks all together too happy to shoot me. Lucky me!!