8 March 2009

SLYMI wk 10

Scrap a Funny Face!

Either find an existing photo of someone who has made a silly face for the camera OR get out your camera and challenge family, friends or yourself to a silly-face-pulling contest! Either way, this week, we want to see happy, silly pages in the gallery!

Normally I can't get John anywhere near the camera without some kind of scowl or moody look on his face. This week I had no such problems. Pull a daft face says me........how many do you want? he replies. I think I'll just stick with one for now don't you?

While doing this LO I set myself a challenge to do something different with my old stash. I found some lovely Scenic Route papers that begged to be cut up and added a load of buttons and some swirls. After re-organising my stash a few weeks ago I was amazed at how many alphas I have. A good time to start using them I think.

The photo is brilliant because of the light but I wanted to get it on here!!!!


  1. Gurning anyone!! You must hear me laughing!:)

  2. fab pic they look like such great mates