21 March 2009

A spot of gardening

Today was the day the ivy got it............... There was about 20 years worth of the stuff hanging over the garden wall so out came the hedge trimmers and off came the ivy. It has grown so much in the last 3 years that it was hanging over the bird table which is a foot away from the wall!! It had to go.

Samuel decided that he'd like a go of the trimmers so with a helping hand from John he got to go behind the shed. It all looks a bit bare at the minute but once I get my plants in it will be fine.

One sad note from today, was while we were trimming, a birds nest fell out of the ivy. We thought it was an old one as we haven't seen Mrs Blackbird around this year. Anyway it wasn't!! I found two, possibly three eggs in the leaves when I was tidying up. I felt so sorry for Mrs B as she sat in our conifer all afternoon waiting to go back and see if her nest was there. I felt so guilty and I'm just hoping that as she hadn't already had chicks (that would have been worse) she will go and make another nest and lay more eggs. Fingers crossed.

As it was such a gorgeous day it was nice to see the washing out on the line. More tomorrow hopefully.

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  1. Great photos ~ guess you didn't find any spiders? Sorry to hear about Mrs. B.