27 March 2009


After having to ask my friend Val what A WIP (Work in Progress) was I thought I'd share mine with you. I'm using up all my oddments of wool (so I can buy more!!) and making a little something for my Mum. Can't say what yet as I won't give it to her until next week. It's really bright and funky and growing really quickly. Those who read Lucy's blog at Attic 24 will know what it is!!


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.

  2. think I know just finishing one for me if I'm right and yours looks fab love all the colours.

  3. I'm making one of these for my F-I-L's GF and mine has grown really quickly too... but boringly mine is in Navy and White stripes... This is her favourite football team colours... GEELONG CATS!!