Brimstage Hall

A new 'friend' for my craft desk and a bit of colour at Brimstage.
There used to be a lovely craft shop here for the Scrapbooking ladies of the Wirral to enjoy. Unfortunately the man who owned it went bust!! There is a small craft shop now but it mainly cards and decoupage!!!!! Very basic is a way to describe it but Samuel was pleased to find the little sizzix men that he can make into 'Army Men'. A 99p packet of those and a khaki sheet of Bazzil Core card and he was happy as Larry.
The box above was a colourful display of material squares all neatly folded in a Cross stitch/knitting shop. Sadly the people who own it think we're all made of money as they wanted £2.50 a square!!! You can get a whole ream for that much at home!!!!! (Probably). Mum's friend Heather bought me the little Jelly Cat to go on my craft desk. It's quite funky and has rik rak hair!!