No trip to Mum's is complete without a trip to Chester. I never get tired of the black and white buildings and a walk along the "Rows". It wasn't a long day (it was chilly again) as we had a list (which had to include Starbucks) so knew exactly what we wanted. Some bathbombs from Lush, a trip into Game Station, a mooch in Whittards and something for tea from M & S!! All that and home by 2.30pm!!

I found this really smart cosy for my caffetiere and just had to buy it. It's a really "Funky Chicken". I also spotted this teapot.......very scrapbooky........ but at £25.00 and only a small suitcase to take it home in I left it behind in the shop. I shall return!!!


  1. Great photos but where is Eastgate clock?

  2. We used to live in Chester, every sunday we would get up walk round the walls and then spend about two hours in starbucks drinking coffee and reading the papers. Oh I miss it!!

  3. love the cafetiere cosy only problem is i might have to buy one myself but then I'll need the cafetiere too.


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