A Gorgeous Day

It has been a gorgeous, sunny day today and with John at work and Samuel off with his pal I was left to my own devices!!
As I was tidying up the kitchen I remembered these Easter eggs I bought years ago when Samuel was little (I think I got them from Baxters). As it is the Easter weekend I thought I'd get them out, very carefully dust them off and hang them on some Pussy Willow I got last year in a bunch of flowers John bought me. I have to admit to popping into Christies Garden Centre and buying the smaller wooden eggs to go with them as 3 eggs looked a bit sad. This little display now sits on my kitchen window sill. It's a shame they have to go away in a few days time.

After lunch , while it was quiet I cracked on with the Scrap like you mean it challenges. I'm 2 behind with this weeks to do too. This layout is of Samuel skimming stones by the river Spey last summer. You can't see properly but he has a fantastic tan as we'd not been back from Lanzarote very long. I'm having fun at the moment with miss-matched lettering and it's a good way to use up old alphas. I recently had a tidy up and couldn't believe how many different alphabets I've collected over the last 3 years!!!! This week had to include some stamping so there is on tiny stamp in the top right corner. It didn't say how much you had to use!!
Now I'm starting on the next one which is about something hidden.

While I was in Tesco this morning I picked up these tiny little daffodil type flowers to go in a little jar on the shelf in my kitchen. The crocheted jacket is one I made last night after getting the instructions from Lucy over on Attic24. The Austrian man is a "Smoking Man" John and I bought 15 years ago (before we were married) on a trip to the Black Forrest area of Germany. he still works!!And finally for today, this was me trying to be arty with the camera and taking a picture of myself sitting in the sun in the garden reading my book "The Other Queen" by Phillipa Gregory. The photo turned out well with the background blurry and the foreground in focus. maybe I'm getting the hang of this photography lark!!
The funky looking scarf was a Just Because present off my Mum yesterday. She found it while wondering round town after seeing us off on the train. Thanks Mum is lovely :)


  1. Love all the colour! It makes a huge difference to the simple things and I'm determined to be more colourful around the home! (might try multi-coloured dust first!!:))

  2. Glad that you had the sunshine - raining and very grey here!

  3. it's a fantastic shot Liz love the jam jar cover I just love crochet:)

  4. Good that someone had the nice weather! It's all looking very bright and cheerful!


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