7 April 2009

Lazy Day

We all had a lazy day today which started with a cup of tea in bed made by Samuel!! (I could get used to that). This was followed by lots of packing and chasing Samuel around to put stuff away and tidy up.
We did manage to meet Mum's frind Val for a cuppa at lunch time followed by a visit to our old next door neighbour who totally spoilt Samuel as she hadn't seen him in ages. He just grunted most of the time!!
It's now bath time and an early night as we're up and out early tomorrow to get the train home. It's a long day as it takes 10 hours altogether. 10 hours closer to washing and ironing.....lucky me!!!

I did manage a few pictures of colour today. The new plant pot in Mum's garden and my almost finished crocheted bag.


  1. It doesn't take that long to cross the Atlantic!! Safe journey - weather forecast is rubbish for up here - sorry.

  2. these bags are taking over the world aren't they I love mine it is just so sturdy and strong