The ice cream in Parkgate is said to be one of the best in the Wirral so we had to go and check it out. Mum's friend Heather very kindly offered to drive. When we decided to go it was beautiful sunshine but by the time we got there it was dull, overcast and blowing a gale. This was not a problem for Samuel and I as in the last few months we've had days like this down at Findhorn/Cullen beaches. He managed a stawberry ice cream and I got some photos of the local houses. (BTW Ruth there are a few for sale!!!!!) We stopped in the local coffe shop for a warm drink but I have to say the lady that works there needs to work on her people skills as her face was tripping her.

On our way home we stopped at Brimstage Hall for a quick browse around the craft shops.......


  1. It's my favourite place on Wirral and I have photos of all thoses houses, including one of the cottage before it was restored!

  2. looks like you have been having a fa time love all the different style houses


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