Randolph's Leap

As it was such a gorgoeus day yesterday we decided to visit Randolph's Leap. We'd found it on the internet last year but as you have to walk along a gorge we thought it best now to go while it was snowing!! Just as well as some places have a narrow path and quite a drop.
The place itself is beautiful and the first thing that came to my head was "Why would you want to live anywhere else?" it was quiet and peaceful and stunning in places.
Some parts are calm and flowing and others are crashing through the boulders at a great rate of knots.
About 200 years ago the water level rose 50 feet and came right up the side of the gorge bringing boulders and trees with it. It's amazing when you stand at the top just to see how far 50 feet is..........
Sorry the pictures are a bit small but I've been having problems getting Blogger to load them. If you click on them it might help.


  1. Amazing photos - look better when filling the screen! The walk must only be for the sure footed?

  2. love the photos Liz they look like oil paintings


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