Storm Troopers

One day last week we bumped into a couple of Star Wars Storm Troopers while we were out shopping. (They were shopping for Darth Vader!!) Typical that that was the day we left the camera at home!! I managed to get a few pictures on my phone (which is why it's taken so long to blog them) but they're not brilliant. We rushed back later with the camera but they had packed up and headed back to the Death Star!! One very disappointed 12 year old was cheered up by a rare trip to MacDonalds. Not that exciting but then I'm not 12.


  1. fab storm troopers!!!

    I forgot to say the other day I love the crochet bag, really love the colours!!

    I've not managed to convince Joshy to come to the craft shop yet, my little cushion cover lies un-filled on the sofa still!!


  2. Andy met them in Cambridge once - and he took a photo with his phone!!

  3. Great photo! Wish my phone could do that ... but then I hardly ever use it anyway so there'd be no point!!

  4. looks like a pretty good shot to me Liz

  5. All was well in the end! Photo turned out well.


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