A Trip to Liverpool

We popped over the river today to visit the World Museum. Half of it was closed last time we went so it was nice to see it now it's finished and re-opened. This giant Totem Pole greeted us in the main entrance.
There is now a small aquarium on the first floor and these colourful little fish caught our eye right buy the entrance. Unfortunatley "other peoples children " don't have the same manners as mine and thought it OK to barge in front of us to see them too. I have learnt how to smile sweetly while wishing them otherwise!!!!! Oh the joy of school holidays :)

This is Mandy the "Lambanana" made by Patricia Lee. She originally made the big yellow one that was down by the Albert Dock a few years back. Don't actually understand it myself but it is a very colourful mosaic so I thought I'd try one of the photo techniques from Scrapbook Inspirations this month and photographed it from a different angle than the norm. I got a few strange looks being so close to the floor!!


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